Rest Day! (or, The Day I am Jealous of Everyone I See Running).

It’s been a good running week!

The past few months have come with some achy hips and knee pains, so I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged… and tried not to overdo it.

However, last week and this week, things have been feeling like they should again!  There’s been virtually no pain, I’ve enjoyed my runs, and they’ve been speedier than I’ve ran since my marathon.  I am sure I won’t be able to keep that kind of pace up once I have more miles per week, (and treadmill runs generally seem to be faster anyway), but I’ll take it!

Tuesday’s Plan: 5 miles.


Wednesday’s Plan: 3 miles.

photo 4

A week like this is just what I needed to jump start my training!  Although,  I’ve got to admit, I’m a little more than disappointed that today is a rest day.  I really, really want to run today and keep this going!  But, I won’t!  I’ll be good.  🙂

Definitely looking forward to my long run this weekend!

Anyone else get anxious over rest days?!

4 thoughts on “Rest Day! (or, The Day I am Jealous of Everyone I See Running).

  1. I just laughed out loud at your post title. I’ve been taking WAY more rest days than I want to lately and I am so jealous of the people I see running down the street. Enjoy your long run tomorrow!! 🙂

    • They’re definitely a necessary evil! 😛
      I can just imagine the look on my face as I stare longingly out of the car window when I drive by a runner…
      Hopefully you’re back at it soon!

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