Sunday Run Day

Week 1 of marathon training is complete!

(only 16 more weeks to go!)  😉

Saturday started with a solid 5 mile run, early in the morning.  My 5 mile runs are always along the same route, this one was no different.  Ended up with 5.12 miles at at pace of 9:04/mile.

Sunday’s run was beautiful!  The kids were going to their grandparent’s house for breakfast.  Of course, when my husband and I get a chance for a “date,” we go running!  And what a lovely run it was!


Seriously beautiful, right?!

For this round of marathon training, I am most excited about the fact that I’ve talked my husband into running the marathon with me!  This will be his first, and I know he is going to rock it!  I think the hardest part about training for my first marathon was that I did it all by myself.  The long runs, while it was nice to have that quiet time, got pretty boring.  I think it would have been so much fun to have someone to run them with!  Perhaps, the Grandparents would like to have a regularly scheduled Sunday brunch with the kids for all our long runs..?!  😉


Anyways, it was a great long run.  we went 9.1 miles at a 9:48/mile pace.  And I had the very rare opportunity of having someone there to take a picture of me!  Here’s to one of the few posts that has an actual picture that’s not a selfie!


I even kind of look like a runner!  🙂

We brought along a thermos of coffee, so after drinking about a gallon of water each, we sat on a blanket and had some coffee and enjoyed what was left of our quiet morning.   I’m pretty sure my Sunday morning couldn’t have gone any better!


How was your weekend?  Did you get your long run in?

Okay,  now onto my plan for week 2!

Monday:  Cross

Tuesday:  3 miles

Wednesday:  5 miles

Thursday:  3 miles

Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  5 miles

Sunday:  6 miles

Hope this is the beginning of a fabulous week for you all!!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Run Day

  1. Hi Karen,

    My name is Lisa and I write the blog and I am currently creating a series where I ask strong and healthy women about what healthy means to them and about their training etc in the hope of inspiring other women and changing the way they see themselves. I really want women to be confident in their bodies and try to show them that there is a lot more to health and fitness than the crash celebrity bikini diets they see all around them on covers of magazines.

    I really admire the amount of running you do and since I signed up for my first two half marathons earlier this year I have been going back to your instagram regularly just to get some motivation and this is why I would love for you to answer some questions for my blog so that other women will be able to find inspiration in you.

    Is there an e-mail I could contact you on?

    Good luck with your marathon training!!

    Lisa x

  2. Wow that is a gorgeous place to run and I love that pic…you definitely look like a runner because you ARE one! 🙂 That sounds like a beautiful way to spend a Sunday!

  3. LOVE that running path! So beautiful! And you know what else is beautiful?! The idea of Sunday Brunch at the Grandparents! Genius 🙂 You should totally rope them into that. It could be your Mother’s Day/ birthday present, haha. Great running pic! And you ARE a runner missy!

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