Hello August! Bring it on!

It’s Friday!  The start of the weekend, and the start of a new month!


(See this face?  This is the excitement of wearing long sleeves this week!  Seriously, 60’s and 70’s in July?  Yes please!!)

It was quite a month!  Not the most notable, running-wise.  But a full month nonetheless.

Throughout July, we’ve been working on a big renovation in our home, mostly doing it ourselves.  We are really close to being done with it, and I am so glad!  Right now, my house is  mess and all of my extra time is spent on this one project.  As soon as it’s done, I promise I’ll share!  😉

 But for now, here’s a sneak peek into the “Before”

photo 2 - Copy photo 1 - Copy

This was our attic.  A mess, right?!  Not anymore!  And I’m so excited for the finished space!

Why else was July a great month?  Because I started this blog!  And even more exciting, I’m not the only one that’s read it!  Seriously, I’m so excited for you guys that are following me!  And hopefully soon I’ll get a better hang of this, and find my “voice,” as they say.   😉

As far as running goes…  I ended July with 65.5 miles.  I’m not exactly happy with that, but the way I see it is, July was my “rest” month, before I wear myself out again with marathon training.  😉

Yesterday’s run was 5 miles of speed work, with a little extra motivation courtesy of my marathon race shirt.  Seriously, my race shirts have become some of my favorite clothes!  (This coming from the girl that used to not even own a single tshirt!)


All that being said, here are my goals for August:

Run 118 miles,  and not neglect my cross training.  I know that if I worked on strength training, I would be a better runner, but I just want to run!  I especially need to strengthen my hips and quads, I’m pretty sure that is where all my aches and pains stem from.

Here’s to a new month!  Hopefully you all reach your goals!!

What are your favorite ways to cross train?  Did you meet your goals for July?  Anyone running a race in August?

3 thoughts on “Hello August! Bring it on!

  1. I’m so glad you started your blog! You rock!
    Haha I used to not be a tee shirt girl at all and now I wear my race shirts all the time. 🙂 My July looked a lot like yours mileage wise. Definitely not where I wish I was, but dealing with the foot issues so I’ll take whatever mileage I can get.

    Your attic looks great! I have some serious reorganizing to do at home. It’s supposed to rain all weekend so maybe I’ll get started. 🙂

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