So This is What it Feels Like to Actually Follow my Training Plan

My youngest started preschool this week…   Of course I was sad to drop him off.  Its a big deal!  But, let me tell you, for the first time in over seven years, I was ALONE.  In the middle of the day, in the middle of the week!


Superman has gone off to fight crime without Mommy…

So what did I do with my first day to myself?  Well, I ran of course.  🙂  What else would I have done?!  I turned the pace off my GPS watch and just ran.  Ended up with a pretty great 8 miles.


In fact, (I don’t want to jinx it) but I’ve really had a couple  months of good running.  I haven’t been plagued with the hip pains that I had early this summer.  And I’ve not had the knee pains like I did during my last round of marathon training.  There is definitely something to be said for running without the pain!

I will say, when running is fun, it is a lot easier to stick to my training plan.  I’m feeling really good about it this go-round.  Last week I ran over 45 miles, which brought my August total to 152 miles!  My first time breaking 15o miles.  🙂   If I can keep it up, September should look about the same as August, maybe about 160 miles.  However, October should be about 200 miles!  This is amazing to me!

So, here’s what this week looks like (even though it’s already half over).

Monday:  Rest day, and being on Labor day I took that pretty seriously  😉

Tuesday:  5 miles (and after partying it up for Labor day, it wasn’t pretty).

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: 8 miles (Fartleks)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 16

I will be visiting family in Richmond this weekend, so I’m hoping to add a little bit of the Marathon course to my long run on Sunday!  It will be great to have some new sights for Sunday’s run!

What are you training for right now?  How’s your training going?  

6 thoughts on “So This is What it Feels Like to Actually Follow my Training Plan

  1. Great job! My training was going awesome and this week I went away on vacation. It kinda suffered but I feel like I can still get a few more good runs this week and re-focus next week.

    • Yay for a vacation! I can never seem to stick to my running plan when I go on vacation, no matter how good my intentions are. 😉
      I’m sure your training will be awesome again next week!!

  2. Looks like you had a great week (and pain free summer!). My training this week was derailed due to a new pain in my left knee that popped up after my long run on Saturday. It’s feeling better now, but it’s one more thing to worry about going forward.

    • Glad your knee is feeling better! Hope It doesn’t come back to bother you, and your training can get back on track!
      Every little pain I have, and I’m “sure” Its a terrible injury. 😉

  3. WOW 200 miles?! That’s amazing!! I’m training for a 15k in November and I haven’t really suffered any awful knee pain either so far! *knocks on wood. Keep rocking it with your training!! 😀

  4. Sounds like things are coming along well! I am training for the Portland Marathon. This will be my 16th race so far this year!

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