Week 11 of Richmond Marathon Training

Coming off of a great 20 miler last weekend, this week was a little bit of a let down…

I missed a run, my mileage was lower, and my Sunday long run just felt a little off.  But hey, they can’t all be good weeks can they?  🙂

So here’s the break down:

Monday-Rest day

Tuesday- 5.2 treadmill miles.

Wednesday – On the schedule, I only had 3.25 miles of intervals.  But, I got to run the in a brand new pair of shoes!


These babies are going to carry me through my marathon!

Thursday – I skipped my 8 mile run, (gasp!) but for a good reason.  My oldest daughter ran a 1 mile run that morning with her elementary school running club.  It was so fun watching her!  This past year or so she had ran three one mile races.  The first one, she took off running got winded super quick and ended up walking.  The second, she ran with friend and they had a blast (but came in nearly last).  😉  This most recent race was really neat, because she really wanted to do well!  She had a plan!  Start slow, and finish strong!

funrun3 funrun4

Running her little heart out…

I’m so proud of her!  She improved on her time, and was so excited that she ran the whole way, (and finished with a time of 9 min 14 sec)!  Love that she is so excited about running!


Friday – I was planning on 5, but it was pouring.   And, while I usually love running in the rain, I found myself two miles in, and really needing to pee, so I rerouted back home, and called it a day.

Saturday – I made up for the 8 miles missed on Thursday.

Sunday – I had another 20 miles planned.  So, instead of running circles around town again, we headed out to the W&OD trail.  It’s a 45 (or so) mile trail through Northern Virginia, and it was a great place for our long run!  So nice to not have to worry about traffic, or planning that long of a route!  As great as that route was, I was just not feeling it on Sunday!  A few miles into it, GPS watched stopped working…  So I’m looking down thinking we were almost to five miles… And it was the longest 5 miles ever!  I was really getting discouraged.  Then Zach, my running partner, told me we were really almost to eight…  which was a bit more like it.

I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t get in all my weekly miles, or if it was two 20 mile weekends in a row, but this one was slow and painful.  The second half of the run was not much better, and at that point I was just running to get back to the car and get something to eat.  😉

One more note about Sunday’s run…

While the W&OD trail was beautiful, and used by so many bikers, runners, and walkers….  I did notice that there was so much litter!  And most of it was garbage from energy gels, or power bar wrappers, etc…  We can do better than that, right?!  If you carry your running/biking fuel onto the trail, why not carry it back out?  Or throw it away?  There were so many trashcans along the trail…  Alright, off my soapbox now.  😉  I do look forward to running that trail again, especially on a good run, when I can really appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “Week 11 of Richmond Marathon Training

  1. Those Asics look deliciously comfy. It’s totally natural for one week to be better than another, that’s why I give mad props to anyone who sticks to a marathon training program, even if you have to miss a run here and there 🙂 Go you! You are fabulous.
    As far as the litter goes, I so hear ya. I hate when people leave their whole campsites dumped on the side of the trail. Not only is it an eyesore, but it’s bad for animals who get into it!

    • Thanks! Its funny, other than this past week, I’ve done pretty good about sticking to my plan. For my first marathon, this past spring, I don’t think there was a single week that I actually hit my all my training runs. 😉
      Hopefully I’ll be able to tell the difference come race day!

  2. You got the 20 done – and you didn’t quit! I was supposed to run Saturday AM but it was pouring and I didn’t want to deal with it. So I put it off to Sunday afternoon and it was ugh. I hadn’t eaten well that day so I just felt gross the whole time. It was only 5 miles though so it was tolerable.

    Which Asics are those? I’m in the market for a new pair. I currently have the Cumulus 15s.

    • Good job running, even if you weren’t really feeling it!
      These are the Nimbus 15s. I’ve worn the Cumulus 15s for a while now, and recently tried the 16s. But that pair kept giving me a blister on my heel. I looked online for a pair of the 15s, but couldn’t find my size…
      So far, the Nimbus are feeling pretty good!

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